28-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I'm looking for a couple of plant pots & work in the Burlington area. Looking for a pretty large pot (5 gal?) and a smaller one (~2 gallon). Be in touch if you may have one to let go of. Thanks.
28-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a sturdy bookshelf, as I'm running out of room for them. Be in touch if you have one you aren't attached to. Thanks!
28-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Hello! I m looking for magazines with all types of people for a group art project. Thanks!! I can pick up within 20 miles.
26-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
In search of free or low-cost plants to turn my entire apartment into an urban jungle. So, if you have any that you're looking to get rid of, including those that may be dying, please let me know and I will come sweep them away! Viney/crawley plants okay, hanging plants awesome, ferns/succulents/small trees good, large floor pots with trees or foliage awesome! Thanks so much!
25-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for board insulation to make head stones for Halloween. The smallest I can use is about 18"x24". Thanks!
24-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I just back over the one I have :(
22-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I'm in major need of plastic bins or totes with intact lids, for a move a trip to storage. I can use anything from double shoebox sized on up to bathtub sized bins. Must have working lids and have no holes, to discourage mices and chipmunks. Footlocker type works, too.
22-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Will take just the screen material alone or in frames. Doors, window etc. Has to be metal screen
21-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I m looking for some different hanging lights and fun chandeliers to spice up my classroom. They do not have to be in working order!
21-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a working freezer chest. Thanks!
21-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a windows laptop that is sitting around unused in your home because it's so old. I need to run a simple piece of software that requires at PC. It can be old and beat up and go back to Windows XP for an operating system. Thanks, Peter Jericho
21-Aug-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Might there be an unwanted GPS somewhere looking for a new ride ? :) {I don't have a fancy cell phone with unlimited data :(} Thanks !
28-Jul-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Hello fellow Freecycler's, I am hoping to find an electric two burner cooking unit. It does not need to be brand new, or fancy, just something that has working parts. The one I currently have is so old and worn, that it has now become a fire hazard, and I must bid it farewell. If you have anything like this, even a one burner would be appreciated. I would be happy to speak with you, thanks so m...
28-Jul-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
The floor in my apartment is in desperate need of a big area rug. I've purchased small ones over the years, but they have been rather insufficient for my needs. My feet have suffered many awful splinters, and honestly I can not afford a new one at this time. I took measurements, and I believe a 7ftx9ft would work nicely. I Prefer darker or bright colors, as opposed to white, but beggars can't b...
28-Jul-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for clean, flattened moving boxes. Thanks!
25-Jul-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a working microwave oven, preferably a countertop model.
16-Nov-2014Milton, VT+7 milesItems Wanted
I would like to buy a Scamp camper. Any model any condition.
14-Nov-2014Milton, VT+7 milesItems Wanted
Any size any condition OK.
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