21-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
My husband's trusty Discman just broke for good and now he can't listen to music during his bus commute. Can you help? I'll pick up!
21-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a stroller with bigger wheels and storage if possible. Please and thank you, Jordan
18-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Hi, we are moving into our new apartment very soon and need everything for it. If you have anything you don't need please let me know I'm sure we could use it.
17-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
My boyfriend and I are starting to foster dogs from All Breed Rescue and we are in search of toys/treats/things that a dog would like that someone does not have a use for. We are planning to foster larger dogs so more sturdy toys, etc. are probably a better idea.
15-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I was given a twin down comforter (yay), but need a cover to protect it. Does anyone have an extra lying around? Doesn't matter too much what it looks like, but would prefer good condition. Thanks
11-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I need large amount of bubble to wrap large framed art And any amount will be appreciated.
10-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a bookshelf: 43 inches or less in width, 74 inches or less in height. Will come to you to pick up! Thanks!
9-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an infrared type space heater if anyone has one that they aren t using and would be willing to part with. Must be in clean working order. Thanx!
6-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
We re looking for a usable set of studded snow tires 195/65R15
Need some 42s or 43s for my 16.5" TWF H1 wheels. Prefer TSLs, may consider pitbull rockers. Interested in new or used. I may also be interested in 42-43" tires for a 17" wheel, although it would require new wheels, but feel free to send those my way also, worst case I can spread the word for ya. Located in Atlanta GA but willing to travel or consider shipping. Please comment and send a private ...
3-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a baby gate (prefer one with a walk-thru but not necessary). Can pick up in Burlington & surrounding areas at your convenience. Thanx!
3-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
looking for kids binoculars any chance someone might have that are no longer being used? My 6 year old grandson and I walk in the woods and by the lake a lot and I would like to expand our exploration options
1-Jan-2019Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a full size bed frame if anyone has one they are looking to get rid of.
30-Dec-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking to build some water wheels out of PVC pipe and could use any length, size, etc. you have laying around. Thanks!
30-Dec-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for clean glass baby food jars with lids, at least 20 of them. Thank you!
30-Dec-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Hi I repair watches for a hobby looking for any type watches I could very much use the parts.any condition.Thanks Happy new year.
27-Dec-2018Burlington, VT+20 milesItems Wanted
Hello! i recently moved to burlington to start a graduate program at UVM. to get through the winter, i'm trying to get into skiing. to that end, i'm looking for a pair of cross country skiis and poles for a beginner, and/or boots, size 8. thank you! nina